In 1998 I produced my first solo album. I am not a songwriter. I love singing - anything as long as it has a good melody and lyrics. My tastes and choice are eclectic as are the tracks on the CD. I was helped enormously by George Norris, a terrific guitarist, Tania Opland, superb multi-instrumentalist who sings like a dream, and Mike Freeman an old friend and wonderfully intuitive percussionist. The CD was recorded with Eric Cowell at Brewhouse Studios in Wicken near Ely. Eric is an old friend who records direct to stereo, a pretty basic format in this technologically advanced age. George and I laid down the base tracks together in only 3 days and Tania and Mike overlaid their instrumentals later the same week. The result is an album which for me has the vibrancy and spontaneity of a live recording. I have been greatly encouraged by the success of the album on both sides of the Atlantic. Many thanks to all the friends who made this possible

          Lies (Rogers)                                             Kitty Bawn O’Brien (MacGillivray)                          Willy Taylor (Trad)

Lies clip.mp3

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Kitty Bawn O'Brien clip.mp3 Willy Taylor clip.mp3

        Dear Beloved (Jones)                                          Everything Glows (Porter/Barker)                            Sonny (Hynes)

Dear Beloved clip.mp3 Everything Glows clip.mp3 Sonny clip.mp3

         Lady Franklin’s Lament (Trad)                           Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Waller)                                      I Specialise (Gregson)

Lady Franklin's Lament clip.mp3 Ain't Misbehavin'(OROL) clip.mp3 I Specialise clip.mp3

           Tam Lin (Trad)                                                 The Shape Of Things (Harnick)                             Sheffield Grinders (Trad)

Tam Lin clip.mp3 Ballad Of The Shape Of Things clip.mp3 Sheffield Grinders clip.mp3

           House Of The Rising Sun                     I’m A Lady Policeman                                Misty Eye’d View                                                             (Trad)                                               (Wallace/Kelley)                                                           (Bedford)



House Of The Rising Sun clip.mp3 I'm A Lady Policeman.mp3 Misty-Eye'd View mp3.mp3
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