“I thought they (MrsAckroyd) were great on Sunday, Hilary has the most amazing voice.” Folk On The Moor Ivybridge Devon  

“Hilary has a Rolls Royce of a voice, one of the defining sounds of English folk music”STEVE RITCHIE Tanglefoot Canada    

“We had not seen Hilary Spencer solo before, but having been to several Artisan gigs her impressive performance came as no surprise to us. We enjoyed her total commitment to her serious songs and the sense of humour she shows in others.”Folk Northwest Magazine

“Hilary Spencer’s voice is worth crossing mountains and deserts to hear” STEVE EDGE organiser Rogue Folk Club Vancouver BC

“Well, folks, you’ve just heard the finest solo unaccompanied singing you’ll ever hear” Bridlington Folk Club      

“Just a quick line to say what a wonderful night it was last night. You are one of the best guests we have ever had, and that from a guy who does not give compliments lightly.

It’s hard to find a performer who sings well, entertains well, has a wide repertoire, has big personality and who communicates with an audience. You have all these. The audience is quite hard to please in that they want to be entertained, not just sung to. Many folk audiences are more interested in the songs than the entertainment value and the way they are performed. Not so at The Bridge.

Comment I heard included “What a voice!” “When are you getting her again?”  “Isn’t she great?” “Why have I not heard her before?”

Can’t wait for the next CD, last one was great, let me know when it’s available. CU again soon I hope and again, a wonderful night.”

DAVE MINIKIN , organiser, The Bridge Folk Club, Newcastle upon Tyne

“Hilary Spencer moved us with her wonderfully rich voice, telling stories in song from tragedy to comedy. I hope we can see more of her in the future. Personally, I want to hear that voice singing the Blues.”

DIANE INGS  Boston Folk Club UK

“The vocal powerhouse of Artisan, Hilary is another returnee in solo guise. Don’t expect a po -faced acappella evening. Serious and silly, soaring and searing ”

BRIAN DALTON ,organiser, Croydon Folk Song Club

“Dazzling singing from our terrific guest, Hilary Spencer, at the first Everyman Folk Club event of the new season on Friday. It is always a privilege to experience the power and versatility of Hilary’s sensationally rich voice. We were entertained with a selection of songs, mainly by Grant Baynham, Les Barker, and Brian Bedford; each introduced with respect combined with sparkling wit.“

MARY DICKINSON, organiser Everyman Folk Club Saxmundham

“I think we’d all agree that Hilary is pretty nigh irresistible”Folk Roundabout Magazine     

“A wonderful evening with a quite remarkable singer” The Bridge Folk Club Newcastle upon Tyne

“ Hilary has a voice so soaring, so unapproachable and stunningly beautiful” JIM FREWEN  CASA Ambassador, Montreal PQ

“What a voice. What a performance” Grimsby Folk Club

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