Afterimage” was engineered in two studios. The majority of the basic recording was done at Blank Tape Studios in Sheffield by Tom Chester while chorus vocals, additional instrumentals and final mixing were carried out at M.A.R.S in Chesham by Martin Atkinson - check out his Web Site!
As well as my old mate George Norris on guitar the album also features Trevor Lines (acoustic bass), Keith Kendrick (concertina), Steve Mellor (clarinet) as well as the wonderful chorus vocals of Marilyn Middleton, Mike Nicholson, Pete Collins and Pete Watkinson

Many thanks to you all
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       1. Broomfield Wager (Traditional)                                          2. Never Be The Sun (Long)                 3. And I Will Lead You (Jones)

        4. Alice White (Bell)                                                                5. Why Am I Painting The Living Room? (Berryman)

        6. Slowing Down To Lethargy (Fagenson/Trad)                    7.  I Once Lived In Service (Bellamy)

        8. Morley Main (Marsden)                                                          9. My Husband’s Got no Porridge In Him (Barker/Traditional)

        10.You Will Burn (Knight)                                                        11.Willy Went To Sea (Bedford/Trad)

        12.History Man (Barker/Galipeau)                                              13.Twa’ Magicians (Traditional)            

        14. Frobisher Bay (Gordon)                                                      15. Eleanor Rigby (Lennon/McCartney)


Other Roads Other Lives.


Mail Order.

Diary Dates.




And I Will Lead You clip.mp3
Broomfield Wager clip.mp3
Never Be The Sun clip.mp3
Alice White clip.mp3
Why Am I Painting The Living Room clip.mp3
Slowing Down To Lethargy clip.mp3
I Once Lived In Service clip.mp3
Morley Main clip.mp3
My Husband's Got Bo Porridge In Him clip.mp3
You Will Burn clip.mp3
History Man clip.mp3
Eleanor Rigby clip.mp3
Willy Went To Sea clip.mp3
Twa' Magicians clip.mp3
Frobisher Bay clip.mp3